19 November 2019

meditations on muwinina country


The images above are taken from three soapboxes that form the work meditations on muwinina country and are designed to be read as a ‘family’. This concept takes that literally, using the creative and conceptual writing of trawlwoolway family members: Neika Lehman and Lauren Gower.

The series is a new iteration of an ongoing writing collaboration between these artists using, as a starting point, conversations around family, memory, Country and the role of art.

Lauren works as a poet, artist & philosopher, Neika as a poet, artist & critic.

meditations on muwinina country will be displayed on three soapboxes in the Hobart CBD until mid February 2020.

Photography: Lucy Parakhina.

This project is presented by HOBIENNALE & un Projects through the Hobart City Council Soapbox program.